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            UC Policy Library

            Whāia te ara tika, follow the correct pathway

            The University of Canterbury Policy Library is a single point of access for most institutional-level documents.


            The UC Policy Library contains most institution-wide compliance documents that have been approved by Council or its delegated authorities.

            The UC Policy Library does not house departmental/school policies, procedures, processes, etc. These may be found on individual websites (see Departments and Colleges).

            Search the Policy Library

            You can search for policies lodged in the Policy Library by title/keyword. For a comprehensive search which includes related documents that sit outside of the UCPL, please use the website search function at the top right of the page.

            Search By Title / Keywords

            Other sources of UC policy related information

            Uncontrolled versions

            Once printed, or downloaded and saved or uploaded outside of the UC Policy Library, a document is considered an uncontrolled version.

            Help shape UC policy

            Any University of Canterbury staff member wishing to have some input into the review of a policy or procedure during the review process should, in the first instance, get in touch with the Contact Officer listed in the document.