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            The Liaison Office is often the first contact for students considering starting their first degree at UC. We can help you make an informed decision about your study options. Contact us today.

            Support services for postgraduate students

            What we do

            Find out what the Liaison Office does and how we can help you plan your university studies.

            Liaison - Course Advice

            Course advice

            Talk to one of our Liaison team to ensure you choose courses best suited to you!

            Liaison - What we do

            Liaison Visits

            Find out about upcoming Liaison staff visits in your area!

            Liaison - Ask Us

            Contact us and Meet the Team

            Do you have a question you'd like answered? Contact us! And come and meet the team. We are here to help.

            Campus open day landscape

            Campus Tours and Future Student Events

            Register for a Campus, Campus and College or School Group Tour.

            Lecturer speaking

            Academic visits to schools

            Some UC academics can visit Year 11-13 classes to talk on specialist subjects related to the NZ Curriculum.

            Let us help you!

            Complete our online form and we’ll ensure you’re kept up to date on key dates and important information.