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            Change your enrolment

            If you would like to change your enrolment (add, discontinue or withdraw) to your programme of study you should complete this online through myUC.

            Are you considering fully withdrawing? Please contact the Student Care team to discuss possible options.

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            Things to consider before changing your enrolment

            You will be officially enrolled in an additional course once the change of enrolment has been submitted and approved. At this point you also become liable for the additional tuition fees.

            If you are a final year student it is your responsibility to check that your course of study meets degree requirements. If in doubt, see your Academic Manager (within your College office)

            Check the key dates for refund and withdrawal dates.

            • Before completing your change of enrolment for a full withdrawal, please contact the Student Care team for advice.
            • You will be officially discontinued (withdrawn) from a course once your application has been submitted (which is why you must hit the submit button). 
            • Tuition fee refunds will be processed using the date that the online application is submitted. 
            • Discontinuations will not be accepted after the final withdrawal dates. See Key Course Dates for full list of refund/withdrawal dates.
            • Any fee changes will be on your Confirmation of Change of Enrolment, which will be emailed to your student email address
            • Changes to your programme of study may affect your fees. Once your courses are approved you immediately become liable for the tuition fees or any additional charges.

            If by discontinuing your courses, you fail to maintain a full-time study load, you must report to the New Zealand Immigration Service because you are no longer entitled to a student permit.

            You must check carefully when making a change of enrolment that you have the correct course details as UC does not operate a swap system.

            If you authorised your fee payment from your loan: 

            • refunds will automatically be credited to your student loan account. 
            • additional fees will automatically be deducted from your student loan account.

            If you are a non-loan student, you will receive an email from Financial Services.

            Your username is printed on your Canterbury Card.

            If you have forgotten your password either go to to the myUC link and use the Forgot Password link to recover your password or visit the ICT Service Desk, L2, Central Library Building

            Login to myUC

            1. Follow the link to myUC
            2. You will need to know your username and password (see next section if you are unsure of what these are).
            3. Click on the Change Enrolment button for the year you want to change. 
            4. Press the blue Change button. Follow all the steps of the application and please ensure you click Submit to complete your application.
            5. Once your application has been approved you will be emailed a Confirmation of Change of Enrolment to your student email address. 
            6. You will also be able to view this online from myUC.
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