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            International student enrolment

            Enrolling at UC is a simple and easy process - follow the steps here and be on your way to being a student at UC.

            Submit your application

            To get started, create a myUC account and complete a new application. Your application will include personal information, academic history and your intended study at UC.

            myUC is our student portal. It is where you apply each year, add and drop courses, view your transcript and more.

            Receive Offer of Place

            If you have met the academic conditions you will receive an Offer of Place. If you have not yet met all the required conditions, you will receive a conditional Offer of Place.

            If you are waiting on NZ secondary school results, don’t worry! We will receive these directly and will be in touch in January.

            Accept Offer and Pay Fees

            Great, you have now met the conditions of your offer and you will have your unconditional Offer of Place.

            To accept your Offer of Place, pay the refundable deposit of NZD$1,500.

            You will need to pay your tuition fees in full when it is time to apply for your student visa.

            Select courses in myUC

            From the first Tuesday in October, you will be able to add courses to your application in myUC. We recommend you add your courses before the end of the first week in December if you are a new student.

            Courses are the ‘papers’ which make up your chosen degree qualification. Each course has a point value and you will be eligible to graduate in your chosen qualification when you have reach the required number of points. A typical first-year workload for a full-time student is 105-120 points (7-8 courses).

            Plan your timetable by using the timetable planner to see what your timetable will look like. This is available once courses are open for enrolment.

            If you are unsure what courses to select, that’s ok. Talk to the Student Advisor in your College.

            If you are an international student currently studying at NZ secondary school, have a chat with our Liaison Team.

            Prepare for your arrival

            Make sure you:

            • Apply for your student visa in plenty of time as visa processing may take 6 weeks to a few months to finalise
            • Book your flights to arrive in time to attend International Student Arrival Week
            • Organise your accommodation in Christchurch
            • Book an airport pick up to deliver you to your accommodation
            • Register to attend the International Student Arrival Week Programme including:
              • Register to attend the new student Induction
              • Book an Enrolment in Person session – all international students must complete their enrolment in person when they arrive on campus. This occurs the week before lectures begin

            Attend International Arrival Week

            As a new international student you must attend the events during international arrival week.

            The Arrival Week Programme consists of the

            New Student Induction
            New Student Induction is held on Monday 10 February. The purpose of the induction is to introduce you to specific learning-related information at UC and to connect you with services and student leaders.

            Enrolment in Person
            All international students must complete their enrolment in person on campus. This is to meet Immigration NZ and insurance requirements.
            Book an enrolment session for a time that suits you.

            Attend Orientation Day
            UC Orientation Day | Herea tō waka (O Day) is the best way to find out what university life has to offer.

            See you in class

            Ka pai! You are now fully enrolled at UC.

            Next steps include:

            Key Links

            More information for international students including information about Christchurch and living in New Zealand, support available to students, and things to consider before arriving in New Zealand.

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