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            Future Students | University of Canterbury

            Qualifications and courses

            UC has a diverse range of study options with over 100 qualifications in more than 80 different subject areas. Start exploring your options by searching subjects, qualifications and courses below.

            Apply and enrol in a few easy steps

            Choosing the right place to study can be daunting. Check our step by step guide to find out the things you need to think about when considering university study.

            Fees and funding

            Once you have decided on your qualifications and courses, determine your fees and your payment options.


            With over 300 scholarships on offer there has never been a better time to choose UC. Find out more about the many scholarships you could be eligible for.

            Student Loans and Allowances

            Student loans and allowances are the most common way for domestic students to fund their study. Learn about what they cover and how to apply. 


            Open days, events and visits

            UC hosts a series of events and opportunities to visit the campus throughout the year.