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            Summer School

            Summer school 20/21

            The University offers a wide selection of undergraduate, postgraduate and preparatory courses in a range of subjects over summer (November-February). If you’re looking at a new career direction, Summer School at UC is a great way to fast track you study. It’s also a fantastic opportunity to shorten the duration of your degree, spread your workload or improve your academic skills. Talk to us today.

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            Summer courses

            We have summer courses starting in November 2020 and January 2021. See the individual course pages for timetable and fees.

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            Preparatory options over summer

            We offer several preparatory options over summer that are specifically designed for new UC students

            How to enrol - ladybug on leaf

            How to enrol

            Find out important dates for enrolment and details on how to enrol for summer courses.

            Apply Now Macbook

            Apply for 2020/2021 summer courses

            You can now enrol online for November start summer courses. From 1 October you will also be able to enrol online for January start summer courses.

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            Study guidelines

            The short duration of summer courses makes them different from full semester courses. For more information, read the Summer Study Guidelines.  

            UC accommodation with students sitting at the table


            During the University Summer School Programme, students have the option to stay at several of the halls of residence

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            Summer scholarships

            Unfortunately no Undergraduate Summer Research Scholarships will be offered in summer 2020/2021.

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            Support and services

            Many of our supporters and service providers remain open over the summer, and UC Security staff is always available to offer help and advice. 

            Summer School brochure 2020/21

            2020/2021 Summer School brochure

            The 2020/2021 Summer Courses brochure will be available in early September.