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            Transitioning successfully into your degree

            This page highlights the preparatory, supported and extension pathways into degree study at the University of Canterbury. Adjusting to campus life in your first year can improve your chances of successfully completing your degree.

            Pathways for Kiwis, Australians, Permanent Residents and international students with University Entrance:

            CUP students

            The Certificate in University Preparation (CUP)

            CUP is for you if you don’t meet the requirements for university entry.

            Summer School brochure 2019/20

            Preparatory options over summer

            There are a variety of options to assist you with preparing for your degree.

            STAR Brochures 2020

            STAR Programme

            The STAR at UC programme allows secondary school students from anywhere in New Zealand to enrol in first-year degree-level courses

            Jacqui and Lisa academic skills

            Get advice

            Our Liaison Team can advise you on the best programme of study to suit you.

            CUP Adult student

            Mature students

            If you are over 20 years of age you have different options available to help you prepare for degree study.

            Two students observing equipment

            The Fast Path into Engineering and Product Design degrees

            A flexible pathway for students, over 20 years of age, into these degrees.

            students laughing green ke building ramp

            UC Pathways

            Through UC Pathways you will improve your academic skills, and understand what it takes to succeed at university.

            aerial view whole campus

            UC International College

            UCIC was established following a collaborative agreement between Navitas Limited and the University of Canterbury in 2013.

            CCEL students


            CCEL is for students wishing to meet their English language requirements and prepare for their academic studies at UC and UCIC.