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            Canterbury Card

            male students checking out books in library

            Your student ID card, more commonly known at UC as your Canterbury Card, is your formal identification for around campus. It is available after you have fully enrolled and is valid for 5 years. Staff and visitors are issued with Cards that are valid for the term of their contract or visit.

            You should always carry your Canterbury Card with you whenever you are on campus.

            Your Canterbury Card is used for:

            • Student Association membership
            • Access to the UC RecCentre
            • Access to library resources and paying library fines
            • Access to other authorised University buildings
            • After-hours access to the campus and computer workrooms
            • As a debit card for internet, email, printing, photocopying, library charges and phone calls
            • Proving your identity when collecting University documents
            • Proving your identity at examinations
            Canterbury Card

            Your username is printed on your Canterbury Card (see circled in red above) and replaces the temporary one you were given during the enrolment process. Instructions on how to create your password are provided when you collect your Canterbury Card (distance and regional campus students are sent these instructions separately).

            Terms and Conditions

            The Canterbury Card remains the property of the University of Canterbury. The University of Canterbury reserves the right to cancel or confiscate the Canterbury Card.