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            Grading scale

            UC adopted a common grading scale in 2012. This applies to all preparatory, undergraduate, graduate and postgraduate courses across all colleges.

            GradeGPA valueMarks
            A+ 9 90-100
            A 8 85-89.9
            A- 7 80-84.9
            B+ 6 75-79.9
            B 5 70-74.9
            B- 4 65-69.9
            C+ 3 60-64.9
            C 2 55-59.9
            C- 1 50-54.9
            D 0 40-49.9
            E -1 0-39.9
            Non-numerical gradeGPA valueDefinition
            P n/a Pass
            F n/a Fail
            S n/a Special pass
            R Restricted pass #
            X -3 Dishonesty
            I n/a Incomplete*















            # In a course at 100 or 200-level examiners may grant restricted credit which shall be equivalent to a pass for all purposes except as a prerequisite. In such cases a student may apply to re-enrol in the course to obtain non-restricted credit, however credit must only be issued once for any course.

            * Used for abandoned PhDs or where a Master's level has been awarded instead of a PhD.

            For all enquiries please contact: