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            Chemistry is the central science. It deals with the composition, structure, and behaviour of the atoms and molecules that make up all forms of matter. Understanding the world at an atomic level is essential to all areas of science. Chemistry interlinks and contributes to medicine, geology, materials science, molecular physics, biology, and astronomy.

            Its central role in science is emphasised by the fact that Chemistry merges with Biological Sciences (the field of biochemistry) at one extreme, and with Physics (physical chemistry and chemical physics) at the other.

            Chemistry propels advances in modern society and has an important role to play in solving major global challenges such as energy sustainability, food supply, health, and the environment. Every day, we utilise products developed by experimental chemists, such as plastics, fabrics, petrol, and pharmaceuticals.

            Contact us

            School of Physical and Chemical Sciences | Te Kura Matū

            Phone +64 3 369 3100
            Email physical-chemical-sciences@canterbury.ac.nz

            See the School's website for up-to-date location details.

            Postal address
            College of Science | Te Rāngai Pūtaiao
            University of Canterbury | Te Whare Wānanga o Waitaha
            Private Bag 4800
            Christchurch 8140
            New Zealand

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