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            Academic Skills Centre | Pokapū Pūkenga Ako


            The Academic Skills Centre (ASC) is a free advisory service and resource hub that focuses on writing and study strategies to maximise student achievement at all levels from first year through to PhD.

            We offer individual consultations with a learning advisor to discuss a specific assignment, as well as workshops, seminars, lectures, and online resources on critical thinking and writing in the university context—everything from the correct use of semi-colons to creating a citations list, to subject-specific styles of discourse. 

            Covid Level 2 Update

            We are open, and visit us to book consultations, check out how we can assist, and collect resources. However, during Level 2 all consultations and quick query services are being undertaken either by Zoom or phone.

            ASC Term 4 Programme available

            Don't wait, enrol online and get organised. Take advantage of the free ASC workshops/seminars for undergraduates, honours, and postgraduate students. 

            English Language Support Programme 

            This year-long course is designed to help students with English as an additional language to improve their academic English. Classes are 50 minutes long and take place once per week during term time. Students are welcome to join the course at any stage during the year.

            Article 2: Wednesday, 16 September - Learn more about using articles: a, an, the and no article.

            Kick-start your research

            Hosted jointly by the Academic Skills Centre and PGSA, these gatherings are intended to help students who are beginning the research journey to get started and keep going! Find out about the next workshop on Tuesday, 20 October...

            Free 2020 ASC wall planners 

            Visit us on Level 3, Puaka-James Hight to collect your free 2020 wall planner. 



            For all enquiries

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